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Colourful Rebel

Colourful Rebel

You might not know us since we’ve only been around town for two years but that’s about to change. We’ve learned a thing or two during the last two extremely fast, roller coaster like years so we’re ready to take over the world!

Founded in Amsterdam in the late summer days of 2013 Colourful Rebel started out as a lifestyle magazine. Later on, in the beginning of the summer of ’14 Colourful Rebel started to develop as a fashion brand for both men and women. True explorers in their own city: The Young & Restless!

Having worked for another big Dutch fashion brand, Bas & Frank soon knew that’s the business they wanted to be active in. The only problem with working for another brand is the fact you couldn’t guide it by your own vision. Make and create the things you like. A problem that was easily solved by ending the things they didn’t like and starting the ones they did. From that point on, Colourful Rebel was a fact.

The twin brothers started out printing shirts and selling them in season through their small webshop connected to the Colourful Rebel Blog. Sales quickly picked up and a viable business was born.

Selling shirts out of their student flats Bas & Frank soon attracted a friend and business partner to start building the brand as it is today. Holding office in an apartment which was owned by Oscar his mum the three started scaling the business by searching for reliable production partners, setting up a decent customer care department and outsource their order picking and shipping.

Having sold over 100.000 shirts by the end of 2014 it was time to answer the growing number of requests from wholesale partners to start selling and representing the brand. By the end of 2016 Colourful Rebel is represented by over 150 stores in both the Netherlands and Belgium and the first steps are made into the UK, Ireland and USA. Besides that Colourful Rebel opened up their own flagship store in Amsterdam’s city centre.

Colourful Rebel